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LizzyLyn93    Let's have some naughty fun together!


My name is Lizzy.


I’m the type of girl that you wouldn’t give you the cold shoulder at a bar or parties—I come to you if I find something that would spark my interest.  I’m a believer in all things oral, as well as anal, so I’m no prude.


I never met a hard dick I didn’t like!  I would give you shit if you cum too fast for my liking.  I’m an advocate for rough sex, and when I say “rough”, hair pulling is a definite MUST.  When it comes to cocksucking, I tend to go down below and suck on your balls—no matter the size…the cock, however, is something I would love to feel, and not pretend to feel to beef up your confidence.  I’ll talk about your Jalepeno if I see fit (hence SPH, or Small Penis Humiliation).  You’d be surprised how wet I get from talkin’ shit about your Vienna sausage.  Lol


Tit jobs are fun.  I have just the right bust size to accommodate you, and get your cock squirting all over them.  Hand jobs are, also, my specialty.  I don’t use my hands just to take back shots at the club.


I can fulfill your every impending fantasy, from being your nurturing Mommy, to the slutty babysitter who seems to lose her underwear, and only when she’s around you.  I can also be the girlfriend who just can’t seem to stop fucking your best friends, and brag about it.  All you have to do is listen up, pull it out, and stroke your way to ecstasy.


So, if you’re ready to have your mind & cock blown, then call me now!  What are you waiting for?

Call Me, You won't be disappointed!

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4/29/2021RADIO504(6273)Great call and role playing cant waite till talk again
7/7/2020RADIO504(6273)great call