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Porn Puppy Poppy    Are you ready to surrender to me now???

Its time to get naughty.

I'm so glad you found me. I'm the feminizing life coach you've been looking for. You get to be 'one of the girls' with me while we gossip about cute men, share makeup tips and talk about our favorite panties. I love being your personal stylist and teaching you all the tricks I've learned along the way. It's ok if you have small tits like me, I have lots of experience dressing perky little breasts like yours up. Whether you just like to play in secret or if you're interested in changing your whole life, I have all the knowledge you need to be the Woman of your dreams. I'm here to build you up and get you off, I'll be your perverted best friend who loves teaching you all the secrets to being a good girl. I LOVE fashion, hair and makeup and live for the "glow-up" and "before and after"s of my friends. Give me a call and share your goals with me or if you're shy, chat with me and I'll help you celebrate the woman inside. Cross dressers and gender benders absolutely delight my socks off and nothing brings me more joy than hearing the success stories of my protege's finding happiness in their everyday lives.

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