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Goddesskatie08    No Restrictions !! No Limits!!!
It's my goal to be the best part of my caller's day. Sometimes that means both of us finding our pleasure together. Other times it means focusing on providing a very specific experience that a caller does not get to explore in real life. I believe being genuine is what makes phone sex work, what makes it a visceral experience between two people. For new callers, I am happy to help you figure out how this is gonna rock your world. And you're gonna be stunned at how the openness of phone sex kicks up your sex life to a whole 'nother level. For connoisseurs, I want to be part of an honest and exciting dynamic that works for both of us. Even if I am not well versed in a particular subject, I bring a genuine desire to listen and please to my phone sex experiences. And no judgement.  Having been pushed outside my simple ideas of sexuality and been thrilled for it, I have no time for judgement. Do you know how many movie plots depend on someone being blackmailed over their sex lives? Now I shake my head and think "If you were just honest about liking satin panties, the world wouldn't be ending bro." The following are some fun plays I enjoy, but definitely am not limited to.

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